Tuesday, March 31, 2015

DSU Alumni Composes Soundtrack for Documentary Film

Kristen Cooper, a graduate of the DSU Digital Arts and Design Program, specializing in Audio Production, has been featured in an article about her soundtrack composition for the documentary, "Cosplay Nation"!

Kristen has been especially active in electronic and MIDI composition, as well as performing as a DJ. "When I produce my own songs and remix," said Cooper in the article, "the songs become dark trance more than anything. However, when I produce a piece of music like I did for 'Cosplayer Nation',  I base it off of more what they wanted it to sound like or genre they may want. This way I don't stick to one genre and I adventure out."

In addition to her work as a composer and producer of electronic music, Kristen has been a featured DJ at a number of events, including Sogen Con, Hetalia Masquerade Ball, Sodak, The Eclective Collective Fashion Show, CoreCon, and most recently, at Anime Fargo.

Kristen's music can be heard on her SoundCloud website, and the article can be read at the website 925rebellion.com. We can't wait to see what great work Kristen will do next!

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