Dakota State University is a public university located in Madison, South Dakota, with a technology centric focus. The DSU website describes:

DSU offers a better college experience that is both challenging and fun. You'll learn from professors who are experts in their fields, and you'll thrive with thought-provoking classes, a tech-infused learning environment, a state-of-the-art Tablet PC and ample inspiration. It's all part of a DSU education.

The technology advantage is more than just having your own Tablet PC and 24/7 access to the campus network. Technology is blended into campus life.

From hands-on use of industry-standard equipment and software (the things you'll use in the real world after graduation) to campus event tweets and Facebook invitations - using technology is second nature at DSU.

It's a better way to learn, and every major produces a tech-savvy graduate. DSU education graduates have a Technology Endorsement, business majors take programming and information system courses and so on.

These computer and information technology skills give DSU students an advantage, which is why, year after year, over 90% of our grads find jobs, with 100% placement in some areas.

All this and DSU is affordable, too! Reasonably priced tuition and a competitive scholarship and financial aid program make Dakota State an outstanding value - not something you'd expect from a leading, high-tech university.

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