Monday, September 24, 2012

Avian Sunrise Performs at DSU

Our campus live sound organization, DSU Live, was excited to bring one of our favorite Sioux Falls band, Avian Sunrise to the Trojan Center Underground last Thursday night along with excellent opening band, The Seen.

An excited crowd of students gathered to enjoy the performance, which featured songs from their new EP, Little Visits.  The students also produced a live video of the band's final encore song of the evening, How Love Works.  This was accomplished by capturing a live multitrack recording by student Nathan Fields, and four-camera video capture and editing by Cody Welu with assistance from Taylor Kannas.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Internships for Digital Arts and Design Students

College to Career - Dakota State University from Nathan Edwards on Vimeo.

Our Spring 2012 semester of our Audio for Video class decided to focus on a singular project for the latter half of the semester. After some in-class brainstorming, the students decided that they wanted to make a video about how to find internships as a Digital Arts and Design student here at DSU. Our production process involved the use of several High-Definition DSLR cameras, and we were able to test out a professional boom microphone for recording audio.

The project helped the students to gain an appreciation for just how much work it is to go through the process of designing an outline, finding interviewees, setting up each interview, editing video and sound, and ultimately coming up with the final product. Since we were nearly finished at the end of the semester, I spent the summer working on the final tweaks and bringing all of the elements together. I'm happy to finally see it finished!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Back to class in Fall 2012!

Class is back in session, and our audio students and DSU Live members are ready and anxious to get back to working on projects and bringing in great live music!  Over the course of the summer, our recent DSU grad, Paul Schipper, put together a series of high-definition videos from various DSU Live events last year, including our Battle of the Bands. Other students who helped with the production of these videos included Luke Arens, Nathan Fields, and Cody Welu. Keep an eye on our blog because there's much more to come! Amos Slade and Olde Funk Riot are featured below: