Monday, October 22, 2012

Getting Hands-On in Recording Sessions

Every Audio Production students takes our "Recording Sessions" class at least once during their college career.  In this class, we do a number of hands-on projects including recording stereo piano, acoustic and electric guitar, vocals, and work on mix techniques in the control room.  If students choose to repeat the class, they can do independent projects, building more hands-on skills with Pro Tools and our analog mixing console.
Student Dan Stefanich practices his acoustic guitar skills as we set up mics in the tracking room.
Earlier this semester, I demonstrated various different common stereo microphone techniques as we recorded a student, Michael Rugg, playing piano while we tracked with mics set up in a number of different configurations:

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tony Memmel to Perform at DSU!

The DSU Arts & Sciences department and DSU Live are really excited to be hosting Tony Memmel to visit us and perform on campus. Tony is a phenomenal acoustic singer/songwriter from Milwaukee. During his show, he will tell about his life as a highly-active touring musician, and how he excels at his craft despite having a limb difference as a result of being born with only one arm. He will also tell us about how he is helping young people with his same condition as a part of the "Lucky Fin" project. 

While visiting, Tony is also going to interview with us for the podcast, Here in the Middle, and talk to our classes about what it takes to be a full-time touring musician and songwriter.  We can't wait for his visit!