Tuesday, March 31, 2015

DSU Alumni Composes Soundtrack for Documentary Film

Kristen Cooper, a graduate of the DSU Digital Arts and Design Program, specializing in Audio Production, has been featured in an article about her soundtrack composition for the documentary, "Cosplay Nation"!

Kristen has been especially active in electronic and MIDI composition, as well as performing as a DJ. "When I produce my own songs and remix," said Cooper in the article, "the songs become dark trance more than anything. However, when I produce a piece of music like I did for 'Cosplayer Nation',  I base it off of more what they wanted it to sound like or genre they may want. This way I don't stick to one genre and I adventure out."

In addition to her work as a composer and producer of electronic music, Kristen has been a featured DJ at a number of events, including Sogen Con, Hetalia Masquerade Ball, Sodak, The Eclective Collective Fashion Show, CoreCon, and most recently, at Anime Fargo.

Kristen's music can be heard on her SoundCloud website, and the article can be read at the website 925rebellion.com. We can't wait to see what great work Kristen will do next!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

DSU Live hosts folks band Condor

DSU Live, in collaboration with the Madison Area Arts Council, was excited to invite the Sioux Falls band Condor to perform a concert on the DSU Campus. Condor is unique in that they are a three-piece group with banjo, acoustic guitar, and cello. The band performed an extended set with a variety of original songs, and even threw in a surprising cello piece on Bach while a broken acoustic string was being replaced!

As is a traditional part of the concert series, we also recorded the audio of the show and will be sending it to SDPB radio to be broadcast on the show, “No Cover, No Minimum”. There was also student artwork on display from Cassie’s Design 2: Color class. The concert was a lot of fun, both in terms of listening, and practicing recording techniques. Here is a video of one of the songs, "Sunshine Wine", with the mixed audio:

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

"Condor" to perform at DSU!

Condor is an outstanding folk trio from Sioux Falls, featuring cello, guitar, and banjo. They will be visiting DSU on Saturday, February 21st at 7:30pm for an intimate concert.

DSU Live and the Madison Area Arts Council are very excited to add another talented band to their series that has been running over the past several years. There are plans for Audio Production students to record the concert for potential airplay on South Dakota Public Broadcasting Radio. It looks to be a fantastic event!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Audio Students Return to the State Capital

For the second year, students from the Audio Production program visited the state Capital in Pierre for the annual "Madison Hosts the Legislature" event. After taking a visit to the Capitol building, we set up for the reception, in which legislators are given the opportunity to browse the various displays and talk with students, faculty, and Madison representatives.

It was fun to travel and connect with our state representatives, as well as people from the Madison community that we don't often have a chance to connect with. Students Dan Shay, Kyle Vis, Dylan Norris, and Derek Carlson set up an excellent audio/visual presentation and promoted our program with enthusiasm. It was great to get the word out about Audio Production at DSU!