Wednesday, February 25, 2015

DSU Live hosts folks band Condor

DSU Live, in collaboration with the Madison Area Arts Council, was excited to invite the Sioux Falls band Condor to perform a concert on the DSU Campus. Condor is unique in that they are a three-piece group with banjo, acoustic guitar, and cello. The band performed an extended set with a variety of original songs, and even threw in a surprising cello piece on Bach while a broken acoustic string was being replaced!

As is a traditional part of the concert series, we also recorded the audio of the show and will be sending it to SDPB radio to be broadcast on the show, “No Cover, No Minimum”. There was also student artwork on display from Cassie’s Design 2: Color class. The concert was a lot of fun, both in terms of listening, and practicing recording techniques. Here is a video of one of the songs, "Sunshine Wine", with the mixed audio:

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