Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dust of War trailer debuts

During Summer 2011, the movie Dust of War was filmed near western South Dakota.  The film features several big screen veterans including Tony Todd, who has played roles in a number of films and television productions, and Doug Jones, who has also played a number of roles including that of "Pan" in the film, Pan's Labrynth.
Several DSU students assisted on the production crew of this film, including audio production student Mitch Williams, and digital arts students Carrie Aus and Donna Rice.  The DSU theatre instructor, Kelly MacLeod, was also a key member of the production crew.

The film is set for release within the next several months, and the trailer was just recently debuted.  We are hugely excited to have a connection with what looks to be a phenomenal movie production.


  1. As part of the DoW crew, I just wanted to say thanks for spreading the word about Dust of War! Needless to say, we were grateful to have such awesome DSU students helping to make the magic happen during filming. Go Trojans!

  2. Wow...this production looks amazing! I do hope I get to see this film somehow.


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